Get Walking Lanarkshire

Improve your health and wellbeing by walking more often

Get Walking Lanarkshire

Walking is a great form of exercise as it has so many health benefits. One way to increase the amount of walking you do is to join a local health walk group.

A health walk is a short, safe, low-level walk ranging from 10 minutes to one hour but with a pace to suit the individuals in the group. It is completely free, safe and gentle so it is the ideal way for most people to become more active.

Plan your walk with our handy pdf icon health walks timetable [288kb].

Joining a health walk group is a great way to meet new people and explore the outdoors in your local area. Health walks are led by trained volunteers who aim to make the walks as friendly and fun as possible and no booking is required - simply turn up on the day with some comfortable footwear and you're ready to go.

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