Corporate Communications

Media, marketing, North Lanarkshire News, publications, web and graphic design.

We communicate with residents and businesses in North Lanarkshire, with our partners, the media and the wider world. It is our job to inform people about:

  • council decisions and services;
  • news, events and changes; and
  • the plans and policies that we implement.

The council does many things which benefit our residents' lives and the lives of people who work in, and visit, North Lanarkshire. The role of Corporate Communications is to make sure we tell you, directly or through the media, about those things and keep you up to date with changes to services which may affect you.

Our marketing team promotes initiatives that can make a real difference to you. They also work to let residents of North Lanarkshire and visitors know what's going on.

Our Head of Service is Stephen Penman. Please use the contact details on this page to let us know what you think about the way North Lanarkshire Council communicates with you.

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