Coordinated support plan

Information for Parents and Carers

The Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 introduces a new framework for providing support for children and young people who need some additional help with their learning.

The Act aims to ensure that all children and young people are provided with the necessary support to help them work towards achieving their full potential. It also encourages all those supporting children and young people to work together.

The Coordinated Support Plan (CSP)

Under the ASL Act some children require significant support from education and at least one other agency,

· health

· social work

· voluntary agency

to help them meet their learning targets and where this support requires a high level of co-ordination the opening of a Co-ordinated Support Plan may be considered.

The Co-ordinated Support Plan is a statutory document which has a legal time frame for writing and review.

You have the right to ask the Education Authority to establish whether your child should be considered for a Co-ordinated

Support Plan. You can do this by writing to your child's school or nursery.

Once your child's school/nursery has agreed to investigate whether a

Co-ordinated Support Plan should be considered the legislative process begins and the Education Authority has 4 weeks to consider whether to proceed. Once the decision to proceed has been agreed, the Education Authority has 12 weeks to prepare and submit the completed plan.

If the Education Authority decides not to proceed with establishing a Coordinate Support Plan for your child you will be informed in writing. The Coordinated Support Plan will be reviewed one year after the plan was established.

What is contained in a

Coordinated Support Plan?

The plan contains detailed information on your child's skills and capabilities (pupil profile) and the factors which give rise to your child's additional support needs.

It also identifies educational objectives, (what it is hoped your

child will learn), the additional

support required and persons providing the support.

Your views and those of your child

are included in the plan.

Can I be involved in the planning

for my child?

Parents and carers are crucial in the partnership process which is undertaken when a Coordinated Support Plan is being considered or is being written. You have a key role to play in the drafting of the CSP and in its implementation and review.

Does my child have a say?

The Education Authority has a duty to seek and take account of the views of children and young people in relation to their education. All schools and

establishments should seek out the views of children, (e.g. what do they like to learn, how do they learn best, what do they see as the barriers to their learning)? Children should be included in the planning and review process and their comments noted.

As part of the process, they should also be involved in meetings about them.

If you require any further advice about your child's additional support needs, contact the Additional Support Manager.

You can also get more help and advice from:

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