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Airdrie's Local Studies Discovery Room is a reference and research facility covering Airdrie, Coatbridge and the Monklands area, provided by the Museums and Heritage Section of Culture NL. It is based at Airdrie Library in Wellwynd, Airdrie.

It has a variety of collections available to help you to find out about local history or discover your family tree. Use of the resources is free of charge. Staff members are always available to help researchers with any aspect of our service.


The Reference Library

A large and wide ranging collection of books relating to the history of Airdrie, Coatbridge and the Monklands area. Other categories include Scottish history, industrial history, family history, Lanarkshire history, local literary figures and local religious history.


Monklands Photographic Collection (U6, U34). Approximately 3000 photos of Airdrie, Coatbridge, surrounding villages and countryside, local events and people.

The Kennedy Albums (U44). Over 500 photos of Airdrie streets and buildings taken by the Burgh Sanitary Inspector, mainly in the1950s.

The John White Collection (U142). Over 300 photographs of Coatbridge taken by a local historian in the 1960s and 1970s.


The Monklands Map Collection. We have over 800 maps and plans. There are Ordnance Survey maps (First, Second and New Editions, small and large scale), local estate maps, burgh plans, street plans, geological maps, mine workings plans and bound atlases.

Local Newspapers

We have a number of local newspapers and journals viewable on microfilm.

  • Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser, 1855 - present
  • Coatbridge Express, 1885 - 1951
  • Coatbridge Leader, 1905 - 1957
  • The Airdrie Literary Album, 1828 - 1829
  • The Airdrie Journal, 1850 - 1851
  • The Airdrie & Coatbridge Luminary, 1847 and 1851-1852
  • The Coatbridge & Airdrie Standard, 1868


The Monklands Collection. A wide-ranging assortment of transitory printed and manuscript paper items built up over the last 150 years at Airdrie Library, relating to the last 2000 years of our area's heritage.

Council Minutes

  • Burgh of Airdrie, 1897 - 1975
  • Burgh of Coatbridge, 1904 - 1975
  • Monklands District Council, 1975 - 1996
  • North Lanarkshire Council, 1996 - present


Old Parochial Registers

Lists of births (baptisms), marriages and occasionally deaths recorded by Church of Scotland parish churches.

  • Old Monkland Parish, 1695 - 1854
  • New Monkland Parish, 1693 - 1854
  • Shotts Parish, 1707 - 1854
  • Bothwell Parish, 1671 - 1854
  • Cadder Parish, 1662 - 1854

Census Returns

A complete listing of all the people living in the area, giving their age occupation, parish of birth and other information. Censuses were carried out every 10th year from 1841. This personal information remains secret for 100 years.

  • Old Monkland Parish (652), 1841 - 1901
  • New Monkland Parish (651), 1841 - 1901
  • Shotts Parish (655), 1841 - 1881

The Census Returns are on microfilm.

(The 1911 Census for all Scottish Parishes is only available through G.R.O.S. outlets such as the Scotland's People website and the Scotland's People Centre.)

Electoral Registers.

Lists of registered voters

  • Burgh of Airdrie, 1919 - 1974 (incomplete)
  • Burgh of Coatbridge, 1919 - 1974 (incomplete)
  • Monklands District Council, 1976 - 1995
  • Airdrie & Shotts District, 1996 - present
  • Coatbridge & Chryston 1996 - 2005

Old Valuation Rolls

A listing of householders and property owners carried out annually for the purpose of levying the Rates (local taxation).

  • Burgh of Airdrie, 1855 - 1950, 1961 - 1974
  • Burgh of Coatbridge, 1885 - 1950, 1967 - 1974
  • Monklands District Council, 1975 - 1991

Abridged Registers of Sasines

Abbreviated records of possession of feudal property.

County of Lanarkshire, 1831 - 1947

Graveyard Headstone Inscription Listings

Limited surveys of some graveyards in New Monkland (4), Old Monkland (2), Cadder (1) and Cumbernauld(1). Also Mitchell's Monumental Inscriptions In Stirlingshire and Dunbartonshire.

Scotland's People Vouchers

Vouchers allowing access to the Scotland's People Website can be purchased at the Local Studies Discovery Room in Airdrie Library (Starter card of 60 credits - £7.00, Top-up card of 30 credits -£5.60). Advice and instruction on the use of the Scotland's People website is also available from the staff at the Local Studies Discovery Room, free of charge.


The Library Edition of Ancestry.com is available free of charge on our Public Access Computers.

Remote enquiry service

Enquiries by letter and Email are dealt with by experienced staff (See Enquiries Page).

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