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Winter schools daily update

All schools are open today

School janitor clearing snow

We have not be notified of any cancellations to school transport at the minute, we will update if there is any change.

North Lanarkshire Council, like other local authorities, try wherever practicable to keep schools open in order to minimise the impact on education provision and associated disruption for families and communities.

Schools will be closed in circumstances where there are justified concerns for the safety of pupils, staff and users.

A met office weather warning has been issued. However, this is not of sufficient severity to indicate that schools should to be closed at this time. Accordingly, please be advised that all schools within North Lanarkshire remain open to staff and pupils as usual.

Further notices will be placed on this website and Facebook and Twitter if there is any change to the position in any particular establishments or more widely.

Please stay in touch by monitoring these communications channels.

Parents should make their arrangements taking account of the following responsibilities:

  • Travel to and from school may be difficult. Parents should check that their children can get to and from school safely before they set out.

  • Some transport may not operate normally. It is the parents' responsibility to ensure that children are uplifted. Parental arrangements should take into account notified and unexpected cancellations.

  • Links to learning and teaching support websites can be found in the School closure: use of ICT page.


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