3 May 2012 - North Lanarkshire Council - results

Final results for all 20 wards

Council Election 2012 2

The results of voting in the election for members of North Lanarkshire Council have been counted and the details for all 20 wards are now in.

Total number of votes cast: 95160

Total number of rejected votes: 2056 (2.2%)

Total number of valid votes cast: 93104

Total turnout: 37.72%

Scottish Labour Party councillors elected: 41

Scottish National Party councillors elected: 26

Cumbernauld Independent Councillors Alliance councillors elected: 1

Independent councillors elected: 2

Ward 1: Kilsyth

Percentage poll: 39.68%  Total ballot papers rejected: 98

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Jean JonesScottish Labour Party1
Heather McVeyScottish Labour Party2
Alan StevensonScottish National Party5

Ward 2: Cumbernauld North

Percentage poll: 40.68%  Total ballot papers rejected: 87

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Bob ChadhaScottish Labour Party7
Alan MastertonScottish National Party5
Barry McCullochScottish Labour Party7
Alan O'BrienCumbernauld Independent Councillors Alliance1

Ward 3: Cumbernauld South

Percentage poll: 41.34%  Total ballot papers rejected: 131

NamePartyElected at stage no.
William GoldieScottish National Party1
Allan GrahamScottish Labour Party1
Paddy HoggScottish National Party8
Stephanie MuirScottish Labour Party3

Ward 4: Abronhill, Kildrum and the Village

Percentage poll: 40.76%  Total ballot papers rejected: 88

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Stephen GrantScottish Labour Party1
Elizabeth IrvineScottish National Party1
Tom JohnstonScottish National Party1

Ward 5: Strathkelvin

Percentage poll: 41.16%  Total ballot papers rejected: 133

NamePartyElected at stage no.
William HoggScottish Labour Party1
Frances McGlincheyScottish National Party2
John McLarenScottish Labour Party6
Brian WallaceScottish Labour Party6

Ward 6: Coatbridge North and Glenboig

Percentage poll: 34.6%  Total ballot papers rejected: 99

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Fulton James MacGregorScottish National Party5
Julie McAnultyScottish National Party5
Michael McPakeScottish Labour Party1
William ShieldsScottish Labour Party2

Ward 7: Airdrie North

Percentage poll: 35.88%  Total ballot papers rejected: 117

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Alan BeveridgeScottish National Party1
Sophia CoyleScottish National Party1
Tommy MorganScottish Labour Party1
Andrew SpowartScottish Labour Party6

Ward 8: Airdrie Central

Percentage poll: 36.44%  Total ballot papers rejected: 96

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Jim LogueScottish Labour Party1
David StocksScottish National Party5
Peter SullivanScottish Labour Party5

Ward 9: Coatbridge West

Percentage poll: 34.91%  Total ballot papers rejected: 105

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Tom MaginnisScottish Labour Party1
Jim SmithScottish Labour Party1
Paul WelshScottish National Party2

Ward 10: Coatbridge South

Percentage poll: 35.65%  Total ballot papers rejected: 122

NamePartyElected at stage no
Jim BrooksScottish Labour Party1
John HigginsScottish Labour Party2
Imtiaz MajidScottish National Party5

Ward 11: Airdrie South

Percentage poll: 38.2%  Total ballot papers rejected: 116

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Agnes CoyleScottish National Party8
Michael CoyleScottish National Party1
Tom CurleyScottish Labour Party1
David FaganScottish Labour Party2

Ward 12: Fortissat

Percentage poll: 38.67%  Total ballot papers rejected: 94

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Charles CeffertyIndependent3
Thomas CochraneScottish National Party5
Jim RobertsonScottish Labour Party5

Ward 13: Thorniewood

Percentage poll: 37.95%  Total ballot papers rejected: 80

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Bob BurrowsScottish Labour Party1
Jim McCabeScottish Labour Party1
Duncan McShannonScottish National Party2

Ward 14: Bellshill

Percentage poll: 36.36%  Total ballot papers rejected: 94

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Harry CurranScottish Labour Party1
Marina LyleScottish National Party5
Harry McGuiganScottish Labour Party2

Ward 15: Mossend and Holytown

Percentage poll: 34.52%  Total ballot papers rejected: 77

NamePartyElected at stage no.
David BairdScottish National Party5
James CoyleScottish Labour Party1
Frank McNallyScottish Labour Party2

Ward 16: Motherwell West

Percentage poll: 37.96%  Total ballot papers rejected: 74

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Paul KellyScottish Labour Party1
Michael RossScottish Labour Party3
Annette ValentineScottish National Party1

Ward 17: Motherwell North

Percentage poll: 37.28%  Total ballot papers rejected: 87

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Shahid FarooqScottish National Party7
Annita McAuleyScottish Labour Party3
Helen McKennaScottish Labour Party2
Peter NolanScottish Labour Party1

Ward 18: Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig

Percentage poll: 35.12%  Total ballot papers rejected: 124

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Kaye HarmonScottish Labour Party1
Tommy LunnyScottish Labour Party8
Gary O'RorkeScottish Labour Party8
Alan ValentineScottish National Party4

Ward 19: Murdostoun

Percentage poll: 38.67%  Total ballot papers rejected: 110

NamePartyElected at stage no.
Alan ClinchScottish Labour Party4
Robert McKendrickIndependent1
Nicky ShevlinScottish Labour Party1
John TaggartScottish National Party6

Ward 20: Wishaw

Percentage poll: 37.29%  Total ballot papers rejected: 124

Name PartyElected at stage no.
Marion FellowsScottish National Party1
Jim HumeScottish National Party6
Sam LoveScottish Labour Party1
Frank McKayScottish Labour Party2
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