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Performance information for complaints handling

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Customer views and experiences are important to us as they help us to understand what we do well and where we need to improve.

For this reason we maintain an overview of our performance in complaints handling throughout the year to ensure that we continue to learn from mistakes to make sure they don't happen again, and to ensure the information from complaints is consistently used to improve the services we provide for the public.

Further information regarding our performance in terms of complaints handling is available from the links below; this reports our performance against the national two stage complaints handling procedure.

The national two stage complaints handling procedure is in operation across all of our services with the exception of social work services who, due to legislation, still operate the previous three stage process.  Annual performance information relating to social work complaints can be obtained from the links below:

Further information

To access information regarding the council's complaints procedure please use the link below:

complaints, comments, and compliments

For any queries or further details regarding the performance information on this page please contact the Corporate Service Improvement Team.

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