Tenant-led estate walkabouts

Estate walkabout is where tenants and residents take a tour of their local area with council officers to look at things which may require action, repair or improvement

Tenant walkabout image The walkabouts are a practical way for tenants to raise issues which may be concerning them and improve communication and relationships with council staff. Walkabouts generally involve housing staff, technical officers and people with responsibilities for maintenance of common areas and cleansing.

The following walkabouts are scheduled to take place and all local people are welcome to take part:


  • Mossend West - Wednesday 19th April at 2 pm - meeting point entrance to Ella Gardens


  • Dykehad - Monday 27th March at 1 pm - meeting point Calderhead High School


Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions.  For more information, see 'downloads'.


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