Helping to support and protect adults

Be aware this Adult Protection Day


North Lanarkshire's Adult Protection Committee is backing 'Adult Protection Awareness Day', which is taking place on February 13th.

Every year in North Lanarkshire, a number of adults are identified as being at risk of harm and not able to keep themselves safe. This may be because of poor physical health, or the adult may have mental health difficulties, or it may be that because of illnesses such as dementia, they are not able to recognise the harm.

That's why the council and its partners are working together to raise awareness of this issue to help keep the most vulnerable adults in our community safe from harm.

Whatever its form, harm against adults is real. It happens all too often and it is unacceptable.

If you have concerns that an adult is at risk of harm then it is right to have it checked out. 'Say something, See something'.

Those causing harm may be strangers, or people who target those they believe to be more vulnerable. It can also be people in positions of trust - which could include family members, or those providing care and support.

Vulnerable adults may be subject to a range of harm. This could include physical abuse - assault, hitting, pushing, punching, misuse of medication, rough handling; psychological or emotional abuse - preventing someone from accessing services, from seeing friends or intimidation, harassment, use of threats or   bullying, including cyber bullying; neglect - failure to provide food, heating, and activity. Not administering medication as prescribed and not ensuring privacy and dignity. This can also include self neglect. Financial or material abuse - theft of money or possessions, or preventing someone from accessing their own money. Undue pressure or threats put on the person in connection with loans, wills, property or inheritance, or misuse of a power of attorney or benefit appointee.

Rab MurrayChair of North Lanarkshire Adult Protection Committee said: "If you have concerns about a vulnerable adult then we want you to take action. With one email or anonymous phone call to your local council the situation will be checked out and support given if needed. It may be nothing, but there's no harm in being sure. Remember, if someone is causing harm, they may be causing harm to others."

Contact any local social work service office; our out of hours number on 0800 121 4114 or Police Scotland on 101.

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