Beetroot Studios, Petersburn

Varnsdorf Way, Petersburn, Airdrie

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Beetroot Recording Studio is based around a pair of RADAR 24 recorders, giving 48-tracks of the highest quality digital recording format available at any price. A custom-built Euphonix ASP8024 analogue console is used for tracking and mixing (giving 80 inputs at mixdown).

The studio is equipped with an extensive list of the finest outboard gear, including pieces from Avalon, Crane Song, Empirical Labs, Daking, API, Buzz Audio etc as well as an equally impressive microphone list, including valve condensors, small-diaphragm condensors, dynamics and ribbons from Neumann, Royer, AEA, Sennheiser, ADK, Beyerdynamic and Audix.

Our new control room was custom designed and built by Dr Douglas Doherty of DACS Audio.  It is fitted with the world's first monitoring system from high-end audiophile specialist Wilson-Benesch (using Quested amps) which is an extremely accurate system. Since the room itself has been designed for maximum sonic accuracy, it is a perfect space for mixing and mastering. in addition, PMC and Triple P monitors are also used.

The powerful PC is well-equipped with excellent music software, including Samplitude Professional 8, Cubase SX2, UAD Studio Pack, Native instruments Kontakt, Native Instruments B4, Antares Auto-Tune, EDL Convert Pro etc. The computer system integrates seamlessly with the main RADAR system.

There are now three recording areas in addition to the control room; the main live room (or 'wood room'), a 'guitar room' (equipped with vintage valve amps from Marshall and Fender, as well as a large collection of boutique effects pedals) and a small vocal booth. The studio is equipped with the famous DACS headphone amp system, and these rooms all have video and midi feeds, making it possible to track bands completely live with maximum separation.

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