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Roundabout advertising

Promote your business

Do you want to promote your business in North Lanarkshire?

We have multiple sites available for advertising across the area that are strategically positioned on our busiest roundabouts.

Advertising on roundabouts offers a cost-effective way to raise your company's profile and promote your business.


  • target your local audience including residents and visitors

  • raise brand awareness

  • display your company logo and message in a strategically prominent location with year-round visibility


Prices depend on the location and include the annual rates, sign manufacture and installation, and maintenance of the sign.


Contact us to register your interest or ask any questions.

Advertising without consent- what you need to know

Illegal advertising is the unauthorised display of any picture, letter, sign, trailer or other mark which has, without consent or authorisation been painted, inscribed or fixed onto the road network or any structure or works on the road network. We will remove any advertising that has not received the appropriate consent.

Page last updated:
19 Oct 2020

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