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COP26 Glasgow

What can we do in the lead up to COP26?

We all can play a role in curbing climate change. Organisations, businesses, and individuals can contribute to a greener society through their decisions and actions. Here are some tips for small changes we all, as individuals, can make to lead a more sustainable life and protect the environment.

What’s the one thing that government and businesses can do?

Cut CO2 emissions. That means stopping the use of fossil fuels and replacing them with renewable and cleaner sources of energy.

What’s the one daily thing we can do to affect climate change?

Go car-free. Walk, cycle, skate, or use public transport.

Should we be using renewable energy?

Yes. There are different options available such as solar panels and biomass. Their effectiveness is dependent on your energy use and location.

What’s the first thing we should do?

  • Become more energy-efficient and replace older appliances with more energy-efficient ones.
  • What can I do to be more energy efficient?
  • Turn down your heating by 1C and try to keep the temperature between (18C and 21C).
  • Turn off lights when leaving a room.
  • Maximise your use of daylight by opening blinds and curtains.
  • Have your workplace or home assessed.
  • Switch off equipment after use.
  • Encourage others to do the same.

What about food?

  • Go meat-free a few days or at least reduce your meat intake by half.
  • Reduce food waste by planning your meals and buying only what you need.
  • Lower your food footprint by buying local produce.

What about holidays?

Reduce flying. Staycation. Use alternative travel.

How can we reduce our travel footprint?

  • Walk, skate or cycle when you can.
  • Consider using public transport such as buses and trains.
  • Consider switching to a low emission or electric vehicle.

What about shopping?

  • Buy sustainable clothing (that you’ll keep for a while!), reduce packaging and shop local.
  • Buy from sustainable sources and brands. Look for logos. like climate or carbon neutral.

Are there are other things we can do?

  • Reduce your use of single-use plastic.
  • Switch to a renewables energy supplier.

Page last updated:
20 Oct 2021

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