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Helping your child to feel safe

The following information has been provided to help you in keeping your child feeling safe.

Be calm

Try your best to keep calm as children often pick up on adult's worries and stress and take their cues on how to act in situations from the adults around them.

It is important to show that even though you are worried too you are not overwhelmed by worry. If you are struggling to keep calm yourself, think if there is someone else you know who you could talk to. Make sure you look after your own wellbeing too.

Please visit the NHS - Mindfulness website for further support.

Be honest

Answer your young child's questions about coronavirus. If they have questions, let them ask and do your best to answer questions as honestly as you can but it's okay to not have the answers for everything, there are things that are not known yet. 

Routine and structure

This can provide children with a sense of safety and security. Try to retain some level of routines and timetables as best you can under the circumstances but don't give yourself a hard time if it isn't perfect.

Be mindful of your child's age and stage

Resources such as social stories or videos on - talking to younger children and might be helpful in explaining to younger children what is going on at the moment and why decisions are being made about school being closed and not going outside. Advice for older children can be found on Young Scot.

Acknowledge worries that you may have

Everyone reacts differently in different situations so let your child know that whatever they are feeling right now is okay. Everyone is feeling a little worried but reassure your child that you are following guidance to keep you safe.

Children might also be feeling angry, frustrated or sad right now about missing out on events, holidays and interactions with friends/family. Let your child know that you understand their worries, fears and feelings. More advice on this can be found at Coronavirus and your wellbeing.

Follow practical guidance

Ensure you are following the up to date guidance laid out by the government to keep yourself and your family safe and reassure your child that you are following the helpful guidance at What parents should know

Limit news

It is good to keep informed but having a constant stream of information can cause further stress itself. Maybe try to set a certain time each day to update yourself on current events instead of frequent checking throughout the day.  It is important that any news you rely on comes from reputable sources. Try to support your child to do the same.

Page last updated:
12 Jan 2021

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