The approval process

How to become a children's carer or an adoptive parent

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Stage 1 - Initial Enquiry

  • you make contact with the Children's Carers' Team
  • an information pack is sent to you
  • you request a home visit, which is carried out by a member of the Children's Carers' Team
  • a recommendation is made to proceed to preparation stage

Stage 2 - Preparation

  • you attend preparation groups (two/three days held at the Children's Carers' Centre in Airdrie)
  • the post preparation group interview is carried out
  • a recommendation is made regarding progression to the assessment stage and you are invited to complete an application

Stage 3 - Assessment

  • you complete your application
  • a Social Worker is allocated to complete the assessment which includes home visits, references, medical and statutory checks (this takes approximately 6 months)
  • a recommendation is made to approve you as a children's carer or an adoptive parent

Stage 4 - Approval

  • your assessment is presented to the Adoption, Fostering and Family Placement Panel
  • a recommendation is made by the panel to approve you as a children's carer or adoptive parent and you will be invited to be present at this discussion
  • the Agency Decision Maker agrees with the recommendation and you are approved as a carer or adoptive parent
  • where an application has not been approved, you can ask that the decision be reviewed

Stage 5 - Link work support

  • a link worker is allocated to you from the Children's Carers Team to provide support, guidance and assistance
  • we will provide ongoing training to help you develop your skills
  • we offer support groups in the evenings and during weekdays

Stage 6 - Post adoption support

  • adoption order granted
  • a post adoption support plan for you and the child is agreed
  • a link worker will provide support until you no longer need it


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