Home support services

These are services that are provided in your home. They include personal care, housing support and domestic support. The services may not always be provided by North Lanarkshire Council.

We may ask another organisation to provide the service on our behalf.

Personal care has been defined, to include tasks in the following areas:

  • personal hygiene (bathing etc);
  • continence management;
  • mobilising;
  • food and diet; and
  • simple treatments and personal assistance (getting in and out of bed etc).

Housing support

Housing support covers tasks that assist people to secure their own accommodation and continue to live in their own home. This includes tasks such as assistance in maintaining the safety of the dwelling.

Domestic support

Domestic support includes tasks such as ironing, laundry and preparing meals. All the services above are provided by home support workers.

Who are the services for?

A person requiring support at home services will normally need assistance with daily living tasks on a regular basis and have no access to alternative ways to provide these tasks on a short or long term basis. While older people predominately use the service, people of all ages are eligible. Support at home services are provided to a wide range of people who may require assistance to maintain their independence. This includes people with:

  • a physical disability;
  • a learning disability;
  • ill health;
  • dementia;
  • emotional difficulties;
  • mental health difficulties;
  • a dependency on alcohol or other substances;
  • general frailty;
  • carers; and
  • children and families in crisis.


A to Z of services