How community planning works

The North Lanarkshire Partnership means better planning for better communities

The North Lanarkshire Partnership (NLP) was established in recognition of the complex and inter-related nature of the issues affecting the area of North Lanarkshire. We know that we will achieve better results by working together on wide-reaching challenges.

The NLP:

  • provides an integrated mechanism with which strategic economic, social and environmental issues affecting the area will be addressed;
  • co-ordinates partners' work towards shared objectives;
  • acts as a forum for debating issues that concern its partners; and
  • provides links to other organisations throughout Lanarkshire.

The North Lanarkshire Partnership is responsible for community planning in our area. This means engaging with people and communities, listening to their views, experiences and needs, and planning our services to meet those needs. Voluntary and community groups, the public sector and other agencies are all working together to make sure that these services deliver real benefits

The North Lanarkshire Partnership is led by a board made up of senior representatives from the organisations and sectors that, together, can make community planning successful. These are:

  • North Lanarkshire Council;
  • North Lanarkshire's voluntary sector;
  • NHS Lanarkshire;
  • the further education colleges;
  • Jobcentre Plus;
  • Scottish Enterprise;
  • Strathclyde Fire and Rescue;
  • Strathclyde Partnership for Transport; and
  • Strathclyde Police.
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