Dalziel Building, 7 Scott Street, Motherwell ML1 1PN

Ground Floor

SuiteArea m²/ft²Rent p/aService chargeRateableNotes
G3118/1,266£15,200£6,350£15,300Under Offer
G5 (POP UP OFFICE)78/837£5 (per hour) £7,800Available now

First Floor

SuiteArea m²/ft²Rent p/aService chargeRateableNotes
1.247/505£6,100£2,550£4,650Available now
1.1025/272£3,300£1,270tbcAvailable now
1.547/506£6,100£2,550£6,100Available now

Second Floor

SuiteArea m2/ft2Rent p/aService chargeRateableNotes
2.247/506£6,100£2,550£6,000Under Offer
2.347/506£6,100£2,550£6,100Available now
2.547/506£6,100£2,550£6,000Available now
2.1425/267£3,200£1,400£3,200Available now
2.1325/272£3,300£1,400£3,300Available now
2.647/506££0tbcAvailable now

Third Floor

SuiteArea m2/ft2Rent p/aService chargeRateableNotes
3.1115/1,238£14,800£6,175£14,800Available now

Enterprise House, Dalziel Street, Motherwell, ML1 1PJ

UnitArea m²/ft²Rent p/aService chargeRateableNotes
525/269££0tbcAvailable soon

Merry Street, Motherwell, ML1 1NA

AddressArea m²/ft²Rent p/aRateable Notes
11234/368£2,900tbcAvailable soon
14637/402£3,200£3,000Available now
112A51/549£4,400tbcUnder Offer
15473/789£6,300£6,100Available now
14482/877£7,000£6,600Available soon

Windmillhill Street, Motherwell, ML1 1TA

UnitArea m²/ft²Rent p/aService chargeRateableNotes
11229/316£2,500£500£2,550Available now
11031/333£2,650£500£2,550Available now
10839/419£3,350£500£3,350Available now
11450/536£4,300£500£4,150Available now

Strathclyde Business Centre, Princess Road, New Stevenston, ML1 4JD

UnitArea m²/ft²Rent p/aService chargeRateableNotes
10135/1,453££0tbcAvailable soon

Civic Square, Windmillhll Street, Motherwell, ML1 1TJ

UnitArea m²/ft²Rent p/aService chargeRateableNotes
43683/7,350£66,000 £56,000Available now

Town Hall Business Centre, 1-11 High Road, Motherwell, ML1 3HU

SuiteArea m²/ft²Rent p/aService chargeRateableNotes
B13/140£1,550£900£1,500Available now
O15/161£1,750£1,000£1,600Available now
D18/194£2,100£1,200£1,900Available now

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