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Missed bin collection

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Each individual property in North Lanarkshire is entitled to present one general waste bin on collection day. Please ensure the lid of the bin is not raised.

If more than one bin is presented from a property on collection day, only one bin will be serviced and your address recorded as presenting more than one bin. You will receive notification as to why your additional bin was not serviced.

If you only present one bin and it is not emptied on its usual collection day or we did not carry out your assisted collection service, you can request that we investigate this by reviewing feedback from crew or our vehicle CCTV footage, and if we can confirm the bin has been missed, we will return to empty it.

We will not return for missed bins where no bin was presented when the vehicle was in the street, if the bin lid is raised by overfilling or if your bin is contaminated with wrong materials. Residents will be required to remedy the bins and present them on the next collection day. No bags or side wastes will be collected.

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You can also Apply for help putting my bins out.

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