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Missed bin collection

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Every household should present one general waste bin on the appropriate week for collection. Find your bin collection day.

Do not overload the bin so that the lid will not close; this causes a safety risk for our crews when they move the bin and when it is emptied into the lorry. We will not collect any extra bags of rubbish placed at the side of the bin.

Most households have one recycling bin each for: paper and cardboard (blue bin); glass, metal and plastics (green lidded bin); and garden and food waste (brown bin).

Please flatten cardboard boxes before placing them in the blue bin, to create more space and ensure the lid can close.

If any of your recycling bins are contaminated with the wrong materials, we will not collect the bin. Our crew will tag the bin to explain why it has not been collected. You need to remove the wrong materials and present the bin on the next collection day.

If you present more than one general waste bin on collection day, only one will be collected by our crew.

Your bin should be presented at the kerbside by 7am on the morning of collection with the lid closed. If you do not present your bin on the appropriate collection day, we will not return to collect it later.

If your bin is not collected on the appropriate day, you can ask us to investigate by contacting Northline on 01698 403110 or using an online form (see below).

Report a missed bin using an online form

You can also Apply for help putting my bins out.

Find out when your bin should be collected.

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