Baby memorial garden

Cambusnethan Cemetery, Wishaw

The baby memorial garden in Cambusnethan cemetery is designed to meet the needs of those who tragically lose babies, either during pregnancy or at a young age.Cambus Baby Garden Image

A distinctive building block sculpture marks this part of the cemetery and thanks go to Coltness Community Council who raised more than £2,000 towards the funding for the sculpture.

General information

A total of 184 lairs were created and, as with all our cemeteries, these can only be purchased at the time of a burial.

Baby Garden Sculpture A communal burial area has also been developed and we erected a wall to allow in excess of 500 plaques to be placed there in memoriam.

These plaques can only be one of two sizes:

  • 280mm x 280mm
  • 280mm x 125mm

We would prefer that plaques are made of granite but other materials will be considered. Each plaque space will have a reference based on a wall number, column letter and row number.

Your chosen monumental mason will arrange for the plaque to be placed with the appropriate fixing.

Contact our Cemeteries Service if you need to discuss any of the details.

Fees in relation to the baby memorial garden are shown below:

  • Purchase of lair (resident) - £481.00
  • Purchase of lair (non-resident) - £481.00
  • Opening of communal lair (resident) - free of charge
  • Opening of communal lair (non-resident) - free of charge
  • Permit fee to fit plaque (single) - £234.00

View our full list of Cemeteries service fees.

Management rules

An addendum to the existing Management rules for burial grounds has been prepared in relation to the management, regulation and control of the baby memorial garden..

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