Examples of benefit fraud and how to report it

Types of benefit fraud and how to tell us if you suspect someone is claiming fraudulently

Typical examples of someone committing benefit fraud:

  • working but not declaring this when claiming benefit
  • claiming as a single person but actually living with a partner
  • claiming from an address but not living there
  • not telling us the full amount of income, savings or capital when claiming  benefit
  • claiming when, for any reason, they have no right to claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax benefit

Reporting benefit fraud

If you suspect someone is committing benefit fraud please let us know. All allegations received are considered and a decision is taken whether to undertake an investigation based upon the information received.

The more information that is given the more likely the investigation will result in a positive outcome and this could include:

  • name, address and age
  • description of persons
  • description and/or registration number of any vehicles
  • employer's name and address
  • start/finish times of employment
  • type of fraud you suspect is taking place
  • any indication of how long you suspect the fraud has been going on

You can make a difference - tell us now in strict confidence

You can report a suspected fraud by:

  • reporting it online
  • calling us on 0800 854 440 (24-hour freephone number)
  • emailing us using 'contact us' form

The more information you can provide the better our investigations will be.

Any information you give will be treated in the strictest confidence and you do not even have to give your name.

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