Duchess of Hamilton Park

This attractively landscaped park is a breath of fresh air set in the heart of Motherwell

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Location and Access

The Duchess of Hamilton park is situated ten minutes walk from Motherwell town centre. It is directly across Airbles road from Airbles train station. The main entrances to the park are off Avon street and Crawford street.


The park is seven hectares in size. It is laid out in a formal design with a network of footpaths around the skate park. The park also incorporates the war memorial for Motherwell, a memorial for the Spanish civil war in recognition of the people from North Lanarkshire who joined the fight against fascism, a children's play area and a multi use games area. There is a good variety of specimen trees throughout the park as well as the many shrub and flower beds and open green spaces. The area is bounded by Victorian semi-detached housing on one side and modern detached houses on the other. Dalziel High school is located at the north end of the park.


In September 1917 the Council were leased Avon Street park along with surrounding land by the Duke and Duchess of Hamilton. It was renamed the 'Duchess of Hamilton park' and the Council began improving what was mainly a neglected grassy field into an attractive formal town park.


The park offers a peaceful environment set in a central location. As well as a good network of footpaths there are a number of park benches to rest and enjoy the scenery. Numerous floral displays including hanging baskets and raised planters all add to the attraction. The area is relatively flat and is very accessible. It is an ideal recreational area for families, dog walkers, sporting activities and anyone who appreciates beautiful surroundings.

Have your say

The Duchess of Hamilton Park has an active 'Friends' group who seek to improve and promote the park for the people of Motherwell and visitors from outwith. They meet on the last Thursday of each month (subject to change) at 9.15am in St Mary's church, Avon Street. New members are always welcome.

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