Gartcosh Local Nature Reserve

Gartcosh Local Nature Reserve is near the village of Gartcosh and nearby Glenboig

Four potted chaser

Gartcosh Local Nature Reserve (LNR) is an important site for protected species in the form of the great crested newt colony (the largest in Scotland) but also as a vital green lung and place for relaxation, contemplation and informal recreation for the residents of Gartcosh and Glenboig.

Many people visit the reserve to enjoy the wealth of wildlife and the range of habitats present which vary from the bluebell woods to the wildflower rich meadows and small ponds full of dragonflies and of course the great crested newts. Many of these species are priorities in our and we will continue to manage the reserve carefully to protect them.

We sometimes hold events at our LNR's - have a look at our  page to see if there are any soon.

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