School closures

Using ICT to support learning and teaching

How learning can continue even though there may be disruption to schools due to adverse weather

Bad weather and other unexpected events may result in school closures which will cause some disruption to educational provision. If pupils have access to a computer or tablet with internet access at home then there are a lot of web sites with resources and activities which can support learning.  Some are general in nature however many are tailored to the curriculum offered in schools.

Secondary school senior pupils will want to minimise the impact of school closure on their exam performance. Materials such as past exam papers and other teaching aids can be accessed on-line either from Glow, the school's web site or directly from the SQA site, by following the links at the right of this page.

Many National 4, 5, Higher and Advanced Higher courses are also supported through the Scholar program (link at right of this page).  Pupils will find comprehensive online study guides, interactive learning materials and activities, assessments and revision packs on a range of subjects.  Access is controlled by unique log in and password which pupils will get from their school.

A number of other sites will provide high quality, appropriate educational resources and activities.  BBC, Channel 4 and Education Scotland websites provide very good materials for revision and learning. For learners of all ages the North Lanarkshire Education Computer Centre website has a number of links for different subjects.  BBC Scotland's Learning Scotland site provides an in-depth coverage of the Scottish curriculum and Channel 4 has their own informative learning site.  All links are at the right of this page.

Pupils who have access to their Glow accounts will find a range of information provided by their own teachers that will be very helpful to provide continuity for their learning.  Teachers will be able to monitor Glow and engage in discussion with pupils via the newsfeed,  email, built in web conferencing, or messaging tools to provide support to pupils working from home.  If a pupil forgets, or has difficulty with their password for Glow then parents/carers should contact the school. Teachers can reset pupils' passwords and schools will have plans to manage this during any period of disruption caused by closure.

For more information on how to further support the learning of your child please contact your child's school.

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