Am I eligible?

Is self directed support right for you?

Not everyone needs funded support to lead a full life and public money to fund support is only accessible in a limited number of cases.

You may be eligible for funded support if your needs are assessed as such within North Lanarkshire Council's Priority Framework, for more information on this see the guide to social work services through the link on the right hand side of this page.

Universal Services

There are a range of universal services in North Lanarkshire that are open to all citizens and which can support people to achieve their outcomes without recourse to ongoing support.

'Universal Services' is a collective term that loosely describes all of the opportunities in the wider community that are available to anyone. These range from places like libraries, museums, health centres, sports centres, leisure and recreational activities, arts and cultural opportunities to sports clubs, further education, employability initiatives, careers advice, volunteering and community projects.

We can advise people on where to get other help and North Lanarkshire Council funds a range of high quality preventative services.

For an assessment or more information, contact your local social work office.

A to Z of services