The assessment process

Guided self assessment

If you think you may require support in order to live independently, you should contact your local social work office, where, following a screening process, a community care assessment may be undertaken. This assessment provides an opportunity for you to speak with a social worker about your circumstances and how you are managing everyday activities.

Not everyone needs funded support to lead a full life and public money is only accessible in limited circumstances. There are a range of universal services in North Lanarkshire that are open to all citizens and which can support people to achieve their outcomes without recourse to ongoing support.   

We have developed a resource allocation system in North Lanarkshire. This is how we allocate available public money both fairly and transparently to people who are entitled to support.

If you are entitled to funded support, your participation in a guided self assessment (GSA) will help identify how much money is available to plan your support. The GSA form is designed to enable people to think about key areas in their lives and focuses both on things people can do as well as areas where they may need help. As people may need support for a wide range of reasons, the form is designed to work across very different circumstances. 

There are nine sections to the form which cover the following areas:

  • Personal care
  • Eating and drinking
  • Practical aspects of daily living
  • Managing health conditions
  • Relationships and social inclusion
  • Choice and control
  • Risk
  • Work and learning
  • Home and family

Points are allocated at each section of the form and each point has a money value attached. The total points value results in an indicative budget being identified.

The budget will remain indicative until a support plan detailing how the budget will be used to enable people to meet their outcomes has been agreed. Once agreed, this amount will form the individual budget.

A new GSA will be completed each year in order to identify an individual budget based on your current circumstance should you require ongoing support.

If you think that you may require support in order to live independently, please contact your local social work office.

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