How people are using their money

Self directed support - choice and control

People in North Lanarkshire are using their budgets in a variety of ways. Individual budgets can be spent on anything that will enable agreed outcomes to be achieved; so long as it is legal and has been identified and agreed in the support plan. This has given people far more control over how, when and where their support is provided.

Support can be arranged in a variety of ways and to date people in North Lanarkshire have used a range of supports that the local authority would historically fund; council and provider services and personal assistants. They have also used their budgets to fund a range of creative, person specific solutions.

Examples of non traditional uses of individual budgets include housework, ironing or gardening services or support to go on holiday. So long as it is assessed that the identified expenditure will enable the person to achieve their agreed outcomes, the plan will be agreed.

The content of each support plan is specific to each person. It is important to note that just because a particular service or item is agreed in one person's plan, it does not follow that it would be agreed for someone else. Individual budgets can only be spent on items, equipment or services where it is agreed that the expenditure will enable the person to achieve the outcomes they have agreed with their social worker.

Identified, agreed outcomes are key to this process.

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