Appeal against our decision

Only the applicant has the right to appeal

As the applicant, you can appeal when a planning application is refused, or when you are not happy with conditions of your planning permission. You can also appeal where no decision is made within two months (for local applications) or four months (for major applications), or within another specified extra time period agreed with the council.  

You have the right either to:

  • an appeal to Scottish Ministers; or
  • a review by our Local Review Body

Which one will depend on the circumstances of the application and will be set out in the initial acknowledgement letter, and the letter accompanying the decision notice.

Generally, major applications and those not covered by our pdf icon Scheme of Delegation [76kb] will be appealed to Scottish Ministers. Local development falling under our scheme of delegation can be challenged through our local review body.

The Scottish Government and Planning Aid Scotland  provide information and advice on Appeals and Local Reviews. 

How to appeal

You can get forms, guidance notes and apply online. Before completing an 'Appeals against Refusals and other decisions' or a 'Notice of Review' form, please read the guidance notes to ensure you are following the correct procedure.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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