Ravenswood Local Nature Reserve

Ravenswood Local Nature Reserve is accessible by foot from Skye Road, Ravenswood, Cumbernauld

Ravenswood Pond

Ravenswood LNR is a valuable wetland site of 17 hectares on the north side of Cumbernauld bordering the A80. It is one of the council's Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) due to its wetland flora and fauna. 

Ravenswood is an enjoyable place to take a stroll, cycle or take your dog for a walk. There is a good surfaced path which will take you across the wet meadow where you can see greater butterfly, northern marsh and common spotted orchids. Look out for the impressive six spot burnet moths. If you are lucky you may catch a glimpse of one of our rarest butterflies the small pearl bordered fritillary. Many of these species are priorities in our .

Up on Rabbit Hill, the stone viewpoint indicates surrounding places of interest. Finally, the path takes you past Coot Pond and then along the tree lined avenue of the old Pollockshole Farm.

We sometimes hold events at our LNR's - have a look at our What's on page to see if there are any soon.

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