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Report a dangerous building

IMPORTANT: Dangerous buildings MUST NOT be reported by email. In every instance, please telephone during office hours, or contact your local police or fire services outwith office hours

A dangerous building or structure should be reported as follows:

  • during office hours phone 01236 812440; or
  • contact your local police or fire services office outwith office hours.

Please do not use email to report possible dangerous buildings.

We will take any necessary action to make safe any buildings or part of a building which has become dangerous. We will try to contact the building owner(s) and give them the chance to undertake the required works. There will be occasions however when this is not possible and we may instruct a contractor to either undertake the work or secure the site to prevent access to and/or around the affected property. Where the operations are carried out by our contractor, the costs incurred will be recovered from the owner(s).

In the case where immediate action is not required, we may serve a Dangerous or Defective Buildings Notice on the owner(s) of the property. This notice requires the owner(s) to commence and complete such operations as are necessary to remove the danger within specific time periods. If these time periods are not met or the danger still exists the council will appoint a contractor to undertake the relevant work and again all costs will be met by the property owner(s).

Building standards can also give advice on the following topics:

  • Securing of a dangerous building against entry;
  • Removal of parts of the building which are dangerous;
  • Demolition of the whole building; and
  • Erection of temporary hoarding.

You can search building warrant notices to view our register of dangerous and defective buildings.


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