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Community planning

Community planning is the process through which many organisations work together to plan and deliver services for local areas.

This involves sharing resources and skills to tackle key issues in local communities such as health, transport, employment, housing, education, and community safety.

Complex issues like these need a shared response, not only from public sector agencies (such as the NHS and the police), but also from local businesses, voluntary organisations, and communities.

North Lanarkshire Partnership (NLP)

All councils in Scotland have a duty to bring together organisations and communities to identify local needs and jointly agree and prioritise actions to meet those needs.

In North Lanarkshire this is carried out through the North Lanarkshire Partnership (NLP), with delivery in localities through the Local Area Partnerships (LAPs).

Local Area Partnerships (LAPs)

Local Area Partnerships (LAPs) are made up of Elected Members, senior officers from the NLP, local community forums, and the third sector who meet every three months to consider service improvements and developments in each local area.

LAP meetings are open to anyone in the local area.  These provide an opportunity for local residents, forums, groups, and organisations to come along and get involved in local decision making.

More information regarding the LAPs in each of North Lanarkshire's localities can be found from the following links:

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