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Community Planning is delivered locally by the Local Area Partnerships (LAPs) and are supported by the Community Regeneration and Partnership team, who sit within Planning and Regeneration and are part of Environmental Services. We want to encourage you to get involved in discussions about your community, with us and tell us your ideas for improving your area .

Local Area Partnership (LAP) is made up of senior officers from the community planning partnership, such as NHS Lanarkshire, Police and Fire and Rescue. There is also representation from councillors, local community forums and the third sector. The LAP meets every three months to consider service improvements and developments in the local area. LAP meetings are open to anyone in the local area and provide an opportunity for local residents, forums, groups and organisations to come along and get involved in local decision making.

Local Area Team (LAT) is the officers group, which is the operational arm of local community planning. This team is made up of Council officers and community planning partners the same as the LAP. They are responsible for ensuring any decisions made at the LAP are reflected in the local area team action plan.

Local Development Programme (LDP) The LAP considers/agrees the plan and all suggestions for projects on council land, should be directed to your local regeneration manager, who will consider ideas for community environmental projects and improvements in your area.

Community Engagement in your area is supported by a dedicated community engagement officer who co-ordinates consultation and engagement activity as part of the community planning process.

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