Dealing with Debt

Help is available if you need it

If you owe money and are struggling to keep up your payments, don't worry. We help hundreds of people each year who have got themselves into debt and can't find a way out.

There are many reasons why manageable debts become problem debts. You may have had a change of circumstances at work or at home, you may have suffered an illness or bereavement or simply have stretched yourself too far.

Whatever the reason, you have already taken the first step to changing your circumstances simply by reading this web page. To really start getting on top of things you have three options:

  1. Use the links below to take steps to help yourself out of unmanageable debt and to learn more about our Money Advice service.
  2. Use the number in the 'contact us' box at the right of this page to contact our Your Money information line and arrange a confidential appointment with one of our debt advisors.
  3. Use the external links on the right of this page to seek advice and information from a range of other independent advice organisations.
  • Money Advice

    Advice and assistance to guide you out of severe financial difficulty

  • Credit Unions

    All about Credit Unions and how to find one

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