Support to community and voluntary organisations

Support to community groups and organisations throughout North Lanarkshire

North Lanarkshire Council Community Learning and Development (CLD) Community Capacity Building (CCB) staff provide support to a range of community groups and organisations throughout the local authority.

CLD CCB staff support neighbourhood based groups.  Types of support provided include: delivery of management committee skills and other training opportunities to community groups; assistance with compiling external grant applications to funders such as Big Lottery, WREN + Foundation Scotland; and helping groups and organisations become better organised and efficient by delivering project management and development planning sessions.

Examples of work practice include: assisting a community group to access external funding to establish a play facility in the local community; working with a self help group to provide a key therapies programme for people with specific conditions and for their carers;  and helping a young carers project identify the various health-related issues that impact on their caring role through delivery of the Health Issues in the Community course.

In addition, CLD CCB staff are closely involved in helping deliver national initiatives, particularly the Reshaping Care for Older People agenda, which is a clear example of staff working in partnership with different statutory and voluntary organisations to help deliver positive outcomes for older people within local communities.

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