A Strategy for carers in North Lanarkshire 2013-2018


Key points:

In preparing the new strategy, we looked at what we already know about carers in North Lanarkshire, how we identify them and assess their support needs.

Carers have told us that the most important things in supporting them to maintain their caring role are information, direct support and respite or short breaks. Early intervention is also important in preventing or delaying crisis intervention.

We have highlighted two areas we need to look at in particular:

  • The carers' assessment: to address the low uptake of carers' assessments in North Lanarkshire, the carers' journey was implemented in 2013. This new process of engaging with carers has been viewed positively by workers and carers involved in a pilot programme. It recognises the need for timely support and the value of ongoing engagement.
  • Our approach to short breaks: carers have told us that gaps in short break provision are a main issue for them. We have therefore identified this as a priority and are working towards the development of a short breaks service that will provide a live source of information and interaction around short breaks.

Our proposals:

As well as the two key areas noted above, we have developed a set of proposals to take the strategy forward over the next five years which are divided into four key themes:

  • Identifying carers
  • Engaging with carers
  • Informing carers
  • Supporting carers

Each of these four themes provides information on what we aim to achieve, what actions we will take to do this and how we will measure the impact of these actions.

The actions required will be influenced through ongoing engagement with carers and by decisions taken at the Carers Strategy Implementation Group and/or the NHS Lanarkshire Carers Information Strategy group.

Some of the achievements we hope to attain are:

  • People in a caring role will be able to access information and support that best suits their need.
  • Carers will be given opportunities to have representation at strategic and local levels to ensure the needs of all carers are heard and represented.
  • Carers will have access to information from a range of sources and locations across North Lanarkshire.
  • Support for carers will be more pro-active, preventative and given at a time most suited to their needs in order to minimise the requirement for crisis intervention.

Resources to support the strategy:

North Lanarkshire Council and NHS Lanarkshire provide funding on an annual basis to independent organisations that support carers. Details of these organisations and the funding they receive can be found in the full strategy document. Alternatively you can find more information on these organisations by visiting their websites:

Partners in Play - www.partnersinplay.org.uk

Alzheimer Scotland - www.alzscot.org

Parkinson's Self Help Group (North Lanarkshire) - www.parkinsonselfhelp.org.uk

Parkinson's Self Help Group (Motherwell) - www.parkinsonsgroup.co.uk

Enable/RASCALS - www.enable.org.uk

Watch Us Grow - www.watchusgrow.org.uk

or the websites for North Lanarkshire Carers Together or Princess Royal Trust Lanarkshire Carers Centre (both below).

Further information:

If you, or someone you know would like further information or advice on the caring role, please contact housing and social work planning using the contact details on the right hand side or one of the following organisations:

NHS Lanarkshire:


North Lanarkshire Carers Together:



Princess Royal Trust Lanarkshire Carers Centre:



Strategy document

You can download either the full consultation document or the summary version from this page.

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