Fuel poverty

An explanation of what fuel poverty is and where to get help


A household is in fuel poverty if, in order to maintain a satisfactory heating regime, it would be required to spend more than 10% of its income on household fuel use (income includes Housing Benefit and Income Support for Mortgage Interest).

In North Lanarkshire it is estimated that 36,000 households are in fuel poverty. Households most at risk are single-person (16,000) and older persons (15,000); however, households where a member has a disability or a long-term illness are at risk too. 

We have relaunched our fuel switching campaign 'It Pays to Switch' to help to save money off your domestic fuel bills. The scheme previously helped over 2,000 households in North Lanarkshire, with an average saving of £262 per household.

If you think you might benefit from another service like income maximisation or money advice, please do not hesitate to contact the Financial Inclusion Team.

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