Learning from complaints - 2013/14

Performance information for complaints handling

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When a complaint is upheld or partially upheld, a range of additional information is gathered and assessed to determine if a change or improvement requires to be made to ensure the problem does not happen again.

Information regarding the nature of a specific complaint (e.g. the time, location, and parties involved), and the volume of complaints regarding a specific issue, is gathered in order to assess the situation and identify any corrective action required.

Changes or improvements made to our services during 2013/14 as a result of complaints received are summarised below:

You said ...We listened
the time taken by one of our contractors to complete a kitchen installation, and the quality of the finished works, was not acceptableWe instructed the contractor to reduce the number of kitchen installations from 35 to 25 (per week) to allow them to improve the quality of the completed installations and adhere more strictly to the timescale (one week) allocated to complete each individual installation.  As a result both the quality of work and time taken has improved - this can be evidenced through feedback from our own staff on site.  The contractor's performance continues to be monitored by by onsite staff to ensure this level of performance continues.
that information provided by the Contact Centre agent differed to that on the service specific web pages for the roads and lighting serviceWe ensured that the web pages for roads and lighting were updated and that all information presented was accurate and consistent.  As a result this will help the public to access accurate information should they wish to report issues regarding roads and lighting.
the reminder letter you received regarding the landlord registration service did not provide adequate informationWe increased the level of content in the landlord registration reminder letters to ensure full and complete information is provided for the service user.  In addition, online registration is now available which also enables the relevant discounts to be achieved.
that the waste collection service had omitted to empty a number of bins on the designated collection dayWe briefed our employees on a more frequent basis regarding the properties which require the assisted pull out service.  The volume of new complaints regarding this issue has now reduced considerably.

We also review our statistics for complaints and analyse this information to help identify trends and patterns which could help identify issues of concern.  Improvements implemented following such analysis are summarised below.

  • Analysis of complaints from tenants regarding our approach when dealing with the victims and offenders of anti-social behaviour identified an issue which required further action.  As a result our anti-social behaviour service has been remodelled and a night time response team set up to target anti-social behaviour at the time of the incidents.  In addition a central telephony hub has been established to ensure consistency at the initial point of contact. Six day time teams have also been set up within our six housing localities to provide advice and support when needed.

Comments and compliments

It should be noted that comments and compliments play a role in improving service delivery as well as complaints.  During the year we received:

  • 11 comments - eight negative, two neutral, and one positive
  • 167 compliments - this includes 67 compliments which relate to our housing service, 55 which relate to our building standards, cleansing, environmental health, and roads services, and 33 which relate to the Contact Centre staff.

As a result of comments received at Drumpellier Country Park in Coatbridge, we established two new disabled parking bays to provide additional parking within the park

Further information

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complaints, comments, and compliments

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