Archaeology and scheduled monuments

Archaeology and Planning

Monkland Canal

When determining planning applications which may affect archaeological features we balance the benefits of development with the importance of managing archaeological resources as per Scottish Government Guidance Planning Advice Note 2.

Development proposals in archaeologically sensitive areas may be subject to a number of conditions to ensure that archaeological resources are properly investigated, recorded and preserved. We may impose conditions for archaeological investigation relating to the importance of the potential archaeological resource.

Where archaeological issues may require to be considered, they are mentioned under Natural Built Environment (NBE) polices in the pdf icon North Lanarkshire Local Plan [3Mb]

Scheduled Monuments

A scheduled monument is a monument of national importance that Scottish Ministers have given legal protection. The aim of scheduling is to preserve sites and monuments as far as possible in the form in which they have come down to us today.

Scheduled Monument Consent is required for various works which would impact these - you will even need a special consent to use a metal detector within a scheduled monument.

It is a criminal offence to carry out most works that would affect a scheduled monument without consent.

Historic Environment Scotland play an key role in designating and protecting archeological sites and administer Scheduled Monument Consent.

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