Non-material variations

Minor alterations to an original planning permission may not require further approval

If you wish to request approval for a minor change to your planning permission, you can apply to us and ask if we can treat this as a non-material variation.

A non-material variation is an amendment, or minor change, that would not significantly change the development proposal that was originally granted planning permission. In the case of agreed minor changes, planning permission would not be required.

The quickest and easiest way to seek a non material variation is to submit an word icon Application Form [988kb], together with drawings clearly showing the proposed change, online at using the 'post submission additional documents' option.

Remember to quote the original planning permission reference number.

If you have submitted a paper application, the application can also be posted to us.

If we do not agree to a non-material variation, then an application for planning permission would be required and assessed as normal.

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