Learning from complaints - 2015/16

Performance information for complaints handling

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When a complaint is upheld or partially upheld, a range of additional information is gathered and assessed to determine if a change or improvement requires to be made to put things right, ensure the problem does not happen again, or improve the service.

Information regarding the nature of a specific complaint (e.g. the time, location, parties involved, and the reasons) and the volume of complaints regarding a specific issue, is gathered in order to assess the situation and identify any corrective action required.

Changes or improvements made to our services as a result of complaints received are summarised below:

You said ...We listened
The delay in the council actioning and dealing with the complaint was costing money each week.Line managers in trading standards routinely review officers' casework load to ensure actions are completed timeously, and have ensured that a case study for civil advice staff (on dealing with these types of civil/criminal crossover issues) is cascaded to all relevant staff for implementation.  This will help to improve the level of service and response times for dealing with requests received by the trading standards service.
Employee behaviour and the quality of service was not acceptable.The majority of the complaints received to date in E-Government are being addressed by ongoing incremental improvements in our training/monitoring processes and a renewed focus on the skills learned via the Customer Service Professional Qualification (CSPQ).  This has enabled employees to be better equipped to handle a wider variety of customer service situations.
The consultation response from transportation and time taken to determine planning application was not acceptable.Employees have been reminded to keep on top of all consultations due.  This will not only help reduce the potential for complaints but will help to ensure the council meets requirements in terms of turnaround times for planning applications.
There was a lack of health and safety inspection on an item of play equipment within Strathclyde Park play area.Play area inspectors were instructed to check wear point at seating apparatus on children's zip slides by removing rubber sleeve to expose chain and shackle.  This increased element of inspection will ensure safer play equipment for children.
You had complaints about the refuse collection service.Awareness of waste management issues arising through the complaints process are now being raised with the crews. The depots have now installed large television screens in the dining areas highlighting the number and type of complaints being received on a daily basis. 
On more than one occasion about the potholes and the surface of the paths and roads in Strathclyde Park.The pot holes have been repaired and some resurfacing work has been carried out in Strathclyde Park.  This has improved walking and driving surface in the park.

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