Performance information for complaints handling

Performance information for complaints handling

Complaints - 2013-14 annual report

Like all councils in Scotland we operate the national Complaints Handling Procedure (CHP).

This procedure comprises two stages for handling complaints that we receive from the public.

  • Stage one is classed as frontline resolution - this is where we aim to resolve complaints at the initial point of contact, or as close to the point of service delivery, as possible. 

  • Stage two is for complaints we are unable to resolve at the frontline - this is where we need more time to carry out further investigation as the nature of the complaint may be more complex, sensitive, or serious.  When a customer remains dissatisfied with the response to a complaint at stage one, an appeal can be made, this requires further investigation to be carried out.

A summary of the council's performance in terms of handling complaints during the fourth year of the CHP, 2017/18, can be obtained from the links below.  Information for the previous years (2016/17, 2015/16, 2014/15 and 2013/14) is included to provide a year on year comparison.

This shows that we continue to increase the number of complaints resolved at the initial point of contact and we have improved our response time when responding to complaints. 

Further information

To access information regarding the council's complaints procedure please use the link below:

complaints, comments, and compliments

For any queries or further details regarding the performance information on this page please contact the Business Solutions team.

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