Pupils target speeding drivers

Motherwell schools support Global Road Safety Week

May 2017

Four Motherwell primary schools have been taking speeding drivers to task, as part of UN Global Road Safety Week.

Pupils at Ladywell, Knowetop, Muirhouse and St Brendan's primaries worked with Police Scotland to identify cars breaking the speed limit outside their schools.

The children used the police speed gun to monitor the speed of passing vehicles. Police officers then stopped a number of speeding drivers to answer a series of questions.

Pupils spoke to drivers about the increased safety risks, to both pedestrians and motorists, associated with breaking the speed limit. Those who were recorded driving over the limit were asked why and asked to change their behaviour in future.

Constable Simon Reilly, Road Policing (DRPU), said: "Police Scotland remains committed to reducing road casualties in collaboration with our partners and meeting the Scottish Government's 2020 road casualty reduction targets. Through engagement and proportionate enforcement of legislation we aim to improve driver behaviour and reduce injury on Scotland's roads."

UN Global Road Safety Week ran from 8 to 14 May and encouraged motorists around the world to make a pledge to Save Lives #SlowDown.

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