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Noise nuisance is a common problem across local communities and some people can be completely unaware that they are disturbing their neighbours. Complaints about dogs being left for long periods of time and their continuous barking have soared, with last year's tally reaching 600.

We're supporting Noise Action Week, 22 May, which aims to raise awareness of the impact that noise has to health and wellbeing of communities across the country. The focus for this year's campaign is highlighting the ongoing issue of dog barking and advice is being given on how to deal with this.

"Dogs bark; it's natural and normal, however it's when the barking continues over a longer period of time that it can be annoying to neighbours, who then report this as a noise issue," explained Stephen Llewellyn, Operations Manager.

"A few simple steps can make all the difference to being a good neighbour. That's why we're supporting Noise Action Week. We want to make people aware of the potential issues that can cause noise nuisance, and in particular dog barking.

"There's a range of help and advice available to both dog owners and those experiencing noisy or continual barking. I'd encourage anyone in this situation to contact us for advice and support to help resolve the problem. North Lanarkshire has a great community spirit and we want this to continue."

There are steps that can be taken to ensure dog barking doesn't get out of control and become a big issue.

  • Talk about it. Your neighbours may not even know about the problem and how it is affecting you. Stay calm, listen to your neighbour and give them some time to resolve the problem. 
  • Dog owners, keep calm and try not to be defensive. The key to stopping your dog barking too much is to work out what is causing the problem. Your dog could be bored, lonely and suffering from separation anxiety. Research has shown that background noise can reduce or prevent dogs from barking if they are left alone so leaving a radio on could help stop the problem.

Neighbours and dog owners should remember that stopping excessive dog barking means changing the dog's behaviour, which can take time and requires patience.

If you experience persistent noise nuisance contact our 24/7 antisocial advice service. Our mediation team can also help try and resolve the situation in a less formal way. Residents can also .

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