Learning from complaints - 2016/17

Performance information for complaints handling

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When a complaint is upheld or partially upheld, a range of additional information is gathered and assessed to determine if a change or improvement requires to be made to put things right, ensure the problem does not happen again, or improve the service.

Information regarding the nature of a specific complaint (e.g. the time, location, parties involved, and the reasons) and the volume of complaints regarding a specific issue, is gathered in order to assess the situation and identify any corrective action required.

Changes or improvements made to our services as a result of complaints received are summarised below:

You said ...We listened
The pest control charge received was considered unjustified in this instance as no work was doneUpon investigation it was found that the charge was applied correctly by the service.  Therefore the service contacted the contact centre ( who received the initial complaint) to reinforce the agreed procedures when dealing with enquiries of these nature, to avoid complaints being escalated for this reason in the future.
A school bus ignored a roundabout and turned right into oncoming trafficThe manager in the service spoke to the driver, who was reminded of their responsibilities when driving a council bus on a public road and also the importance of driving safely.
You were unhappy about the fixed penalty notice you received regarding tobacco salesThe service did not uphold this complaint, they took this opportunity to remind staff to ensure appropriate levels of engagement with customers to offer them the best possible business advice, in particular when dealing with matters regarding the sale of cigarettes to under aged consumers.
There was a lack of response or action following a pest control enquiryFollowing the enquiry, checks were required to be carried out with the Register of Scotland to find out who owned the land. As checks were inconclusive, two requests were sent to another council section to identify who owned the land; no information was forthcoming. To avoid going through the middle man in future, the service have put in place arrangements to straight to the Sasines Register themselves.
You were unhappy with a member of staffIn this instance data protection requirements were interpreted incorrectly.  Further information on interpretation of data protection law has been shared and formal training has been identified.
A council vehicle was being driven in what appeared to be a dangerous matter.Managers identified the driver and entered into discussions to investigate the matter. Drivers were reminded of their responsibilities when driving a council vehicle and the importance of driving safely.  Staff were also reminded that the use of a mobile phone when driving is illegal.
You were unhappy with trading standards about the way your complaint had been dealt withFollowing an examination of the circumstances surrounding this complaint, and the restructure of service, processes were embedded to ensure that line management oversight and scrutiny is maintained.  This also included arrangements to ensure that officer workloads are regularly audited and reviewed
You had waited at the first stop shop to deal with a cash transaction, rather than the Municipal Bank.Improved signage has been implemented at Wishaw Municipal Bank to avoid customers queuing at the first stop shop (rather than the Municipal Bank) if  they have a cash transaction.

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