Fortissat council ward election

Use your vote on Thursday


Electors in the council's Fortissat ward are being reminded to use their vote in the by-election on Thursday.

One councillor will be elected for Electoral Ward 13.

Poll cards, with information about where to vote, have been issued to eligible voters. Polling takes place between 7.00am and 10.00pm.

"The council operates a wide range of local services, such as schools, roads, parks, housing, and waste services, and each elected member represents local residents on issues affecting them, their families and communities," said Returning Officer Paul Jukes.

"So it is important that everyone who is eligible uses their vote on 7 September."

This by-election will use the single transferable vote system.

This means that ballot papers should be marked in order of preference - starting with the figure 1 for your most preferred candidate up to figure 5 for your least preferred candidate. Voters can mark as many or as few candidates as they wish.

If anyone has not received their polling card, contact our Election Office on 01698 302119.

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