City Deal and employability

What we are doing to get more people back into work

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As well as the infrastructure projects we are delivering through City Deal, we are also looking to reduce unemployment and looking to ensure the unemployed people benefit from the job opportunities that will result from these. To ensure this happens, there are three main schemes to boost employment and earnings and the information on this page will let you know about them.

Working Matters Programme

This scheme is delivered through the City Deals employability strand and seeks to support those who receive the health related benefit, Employment Support Allowance get back into, and progress within the labour market. It aims to engage with 4000 people and get 600 back into full time work.

This scheme will also have wider benefits in the areas of health, well-being, quality of life and economic activity, these are hoped to be:

  • A reduction on the benefit bill, including those like Housing and Council tax benefits
  • Reduced strain and costs on other public services such as health and social care
  • An increase in the employment rate and reduction in levels of economic inactivity across the city-region

It is hoped that by gathering evidence on the effectiveness of the social return from investing in this client group that there can be effective lobbying for policy changes to provide support to them in the future.

The overall cost of the programme will be £9 million, half of which will be provided by the Department of Work and Pensions with the remainder being provided by the eight authorities up until 2019.

Within North Lanarkshire we are co-ordinating things and delivering it through Routes to Work.

What are our targets?

Within our area the number of potential clients we are required to engage with is 462, and we have a target of getting 69 into employment. The Department of Work and Pensions refer people to us, and in order for this to work effective engagement with clients is vital as it is voluntary for participants to take part.

So far we have engaged with 400 participants and supported 76 back into employment, which is 110% of our target

Referrals to the programme ended in March 2018 with existing participants being supported until March 2019.

What are the two other schemes we are involved in?

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