New Roundabout on the A8

Improving access to the road network for new businesses

Through the City Deal programme we propose providing a new roundabout along the A8 close to the Carnbroe junction at Orchard Farm. This proposal will complement the other access improvements provided as part of the M8 motorway upgrade works and provide access to jobs for local people.

The roundabout will provide an appropriate access that will support economic development along the M8/A8 corridor, including the Mossend Railhead Freight Park and land behind the old Shanks building. This will support the development of an International Rail Freight Park, as well as opportunities to the west of Carnbroe, where the potential for new industrial development has been identified.

By investing in this infrastructure, we will ensure the access arrangements required to open up development the area are delivered in the best way to keep traffic flowing along the A8. By doing this, we aim to achieve significant private sector investment that will create new employment opportunities.

Project update

Recently an appeal has been won for the development of the Mossend International Railfreight Park. This means planning permission in principle has been granted for the expansion of the Mossend Railhead.

We will now work with the developers at Mossend as well as the owners of the land to north of the A8. This will ensure the access to sites is the best that can be achieved for both the operators and those residents looking to access employment opportunities.

Project News

We will always look to keep you up-to-date with what's happening on the on the project, and issue news releases to keep you informed.

6 October 2017 - Scottish Ministers allow the appeal and grant planning permission in principle for the expansion of Mossend Railhead with additional rail sidings and the development of the Mossend International Railfreight Park.

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