The Safety Advisory Group

Providing specialist advice to event organisers

A great deal of planning and organisation is required to run a public event safely and successfully. Ultimately, this responsibility rests with the event organiser.

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is a multi-agency forum, chaired by the council's Events Manager, that will offer specialist advice, guidance and support to event organisers in order to ensure the highest possible standards of public safety at events, and to encourage the wellbeing of those who could be affected by such events.

The SAG has three main aims:

  • Promote high levels of safety and welfare at events by giving advice and guidance

  • Promote good practice in safety and welfare planning for events

  • Ensure events have a minimal adverse impact on the community

The event organiser is, at all times, responsible for all aspects of the event.

Informing the SAG of your event

If you wish to notify the SAG of your event, you should do so as soon as possible prior to your event by completing the pdf icon Event Notification Form [844kb] and email it to Alternatively you can submit this form by post to the address in the contacts box above. 

Once submitted, the notification form will be distributed around relevant members of the group who may then contact you if it there are any issues that you need to consider or address.

The event organiser will require to complete risk assessments and the identification of control measures which will maintain the safety of both organisers and attendees. For some events, substantial resources may be necessary to fulfill traffic regulations, fire safety, medical cover and the maintenance of public orders.

Guidance on how to carry out risk assessments, how to use inflatable equipment and a briefing guide for stewards and marshals are all available to download.

We would also recommend you consult the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Event Safety Guide.


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