High hopes for Greenfaulds Christmas song

1,000 Gaelic voices provide seasonal cheer as school rock band aims for charts success


It's Christmas! ('S e Nollaig a th' ann!) is the title of the new Gaelic Christmas song recorded by Làn Chomais, a rock band of pupils from Greenfaulds High School in Cumbernauld.

The band, which is a product of tuition from Fèis Lannraig a' Tuath, was formed in March 2017 and soon displayed talents that were deserving of being heard beyond their school concerts.

Kevin Rodgers, a Gaelic teacher at the school, has been mentoring the young musicians and, with support from North Lanarkshire Council and Bòrd na Gàidhlig, helped them make their first recording in time for the Christmas market.

Kevin says: "We have been searching for a way to make people more aware of the fact that Gaelic is alive and well in our area.

"Làn Chomais are hopeful the track will enter the Scottish download charts, and highlight to the whole of Scotland that Gaelic is as relevant here as it is in any other part of the country."

Backing vocals were provided by pupils from Greenfaulds High School, Condorrat Primary School and Baird Memorial Primary School.

Lead singer, Emily Robertson, said: "This experience has been awesome and has given us an amazing opportunity to promote the Gaelic profile of North Lanarkshire while working at a professional level with hugely inspiring musicians such as John Somerville."

Fiddle player, Jessica Muir, said: "We are so happy to have been given this opportunity to promote the language in the area and to show that, as young Gaels, we are just as important to the future of the language as those in the more traditional Gaelic heartlands."

'S e Nollaig a th' ann! by Làn Chomais will be available on ITunes, Amazon, Google and Spotify from 7th December. 

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