Tackling antisocial behaviour

Service secures ASBOs and takes tough action


We're tackling serious antisocial behaviour head on and taking tough action against residents who persistently embark on antisocial behaviour and breach antisocial behaviour orders.

Since April, we've issued 17 Interim and Full Antisocial Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) and these have been successful in resolving significant antisocial behaviour cases, however, for the minority who ignore these and breach their orders we take further action.

100% of the orders requested at court have been granted and that's because our team works closely with partners, and those affected by antisocial behaviour, to gather evidence to ensure a complete case is presented. Over 70% of the orders we've granted have not been breached.

On occasion, despite our best efforts, there remains a small minority of persistent offenders in our communities, and our Locality Teams are committed to tackling these cases robustly and effectively to ensure people can live peacefully in their homes.

For example, an ASBO was issued to a 46 year old Motherwell man, to stop his antisocial behaviour of shouting, swearing, threatening and sectarian language in and around his home. Work involving our locality team, residents and estate officers continued and when the order was breached he was charged by Police Scotland. His behaviour resulted in him being evicted.

Eviction is not always necessary. Another case involving a 46 year old Bellshill man resulted in an ASBO being granted to prohibit shouting, swearing, drunken behaviour and harassing neighbours. The ASBO was initially effective in stopping the behaviour, but due to serious alcohol issues, the offending behaviour re-emerged and the man was charged with Breach of the Order and remanded in prison for three weeks. On his release, we converted his tenancy to a Short Scottish Secure Tenancy, tailored a package of specific support to address the underlying issues and extended the ASBO which continues to prove effective in curbing the antisocial behaviour.

A 20 year old Coatbridge man was also served an ASBO after shouting, screaming and causing general disturbances in and around his flat on a nightly basis. Despite intensive joint working and visits by our out-of-hours team and Police Scotland, this offending behaviour continued. An interim ASBO was granted at court and this was swiftly followed by a full ASBO. This was instantly breached and the tenant was charged by Police Scotland. At this point the tenant realised the seriousness of having an ASBO against him and he decided to leave his property rather than be bound by the terms of the ASBO.

Stephen Llewellyn, Head of Housing Solutions, said: "Our service remains committed to tackling antisocial behaviour and our pro-active approach ensures most complaints are resolved at an early stage. However, I'd like to reassure residents that for persistent offenders, our Locality Teams will work with our communities and partners to ensure the most robust action is taken to tackle any reoffending.

"In addition to the prevention element of the service we also use an early intervention approach to tackle low level neighbour disputes to prevent these escalating into more serious issues. 

"Don't suffer antisocial behaviour in silence, we're here to help."

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