New drive to put young people at the heart of their services

A new campaign has been launched to encourage young people to have their say on how local services should be delivered


The #NLCAskme initiative is a partnership between all agencies with a responsibility for children and young people.

It aims to encourage large and small organisations to give their backing using social media and say "We Agree" that young people's views should be heard.

Louisa McCearney, Chair of NL Youth Council and MSYP, said: "We'd like all organisations involved with young people to take a photo along with the message "We Agree" and tweet using #NLCAskme."

Louisa signed the agreement along with Alison Gordon, Interim Chair of NL Children's Services Partnership and Head of Children, Families and Justice Social Work Services.

The North Lanarkshire Children's Services Partnership involves all agencies who have a responsibility for children and young people, in joint planning and improvement of children's services and supports in North Lanarkshire.

Partners include children, young people and families, Third Sector representation through Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire, NHS Lanarkshire, Health and Social Care North Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire Council, Scottish Children's Reporter Administration, Police Scotland, North Lanarkshire Child Protection Committee .

Alison Gordon, Interim Chair of NLCSP said:"#NLCAsk sets out how we will work together and will support meaningful engagement and participation. The focus now must be on what we do together to continue to improve children's services in North Lanarkshire."

Mark Stewart, YOYP Ambassador , North Lanarkshire Youth Council, added: "This is an absolutely amazing example of the positive relationship that exists between these services and the Young People of North Lanarkshire. This is just one more aspect of the Partnership showing its support for young people in the area, especially in the Year of Young People."

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